Chronic Liminality Performance

Performance: “What Now So Far”

“What Now So Far” has the intention of knowing oneself with a view of the Turkish art field from the eyes of four people. A joint reconstruction with personal experience and memory is the focus of this intention. The performance, tries to grasp experiences and subjects in various dimensions, by looking at them from different distances.

At the conceptual level, the work, which can be considered as a contemporary example of the theater of the real, is between documentary and lecture performance in terms of content and form. Questions concerned with making inferences about social reality through the experiences of individuals form the concept of the project.

How can art production be sustained when it is shaped by the personal efforts of individuals? Meanwhile, how does an inner truth take shape at the level of the individual? What kind of experiences develop at the local level in the cultural environment shaped by global policies, and how do the effects of these experiences lead to transformations at the individual level? What might people of art from different generations have witnessed in the last thirty years? 

22nd October on Saturday, 20.30, K2 Performance, Izmir

24th October on Monday, 20.30, Mordem Sanat Merkezi, Diyarbakir

25th October on Tuesday, 20.30, Destek Tasarım Akademisi, Ayvalik

28th October on Friday, 20.30, Purespace, Istanbul

29th October on Saturday, 20.30, Kargart, Istanbul

Concept, Moderation: Şafak Ersözlü

Design, Performance: Fatih Genckal, Metehan Kayan, Sarp Keskiner, Safak Ersozlu

Graphic Design: Emre Yıldız

Visual Documentation: İlyas Hayta

Poetic Collage: Bahar Nihal Ersözlü

Project Partners: Spaces of Culture, MitOst e.V., Bosch Alumni Network, K2 Contemporary Art Center

“What Now So Far” was produced as part of Chronic Liminality, coordinated by Acik Studyo and financed by Spaces of Culture, in collaboration with MitOst e.V., Bosch Alumni Network and K2 Contemporary Art Center.

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