Chronic Liminality

Under the coordination of Acik Studyo; Chronic Liminality is a creative research project in collaboration with Spaces of Culture, MitOst, Bosch Alumni Network and K2 Contemporary Art Center. The project is being constructed with applications focused on İzmir, İstanbul, Diyarbakır, Ayvalık, Bodrum and Berlin. 

Chronic Liminality, whose intellectual foundations date back to the Komünitas – İzmir Cooperation of Independent Performance and Culture Studies project realized in 2020; It deals with topics that needs discussion in the field of culture and art such as precarity, homelessness, propertylessness, creative and administrative management conflict, the relationship between civil society and cultural management, new forms of expression and organization through the personal and subjective perspectives of artists and cultural managers. The project, which aims to create capacity development and awareness in the field with workshops designed under the relevant topics; also follows the current experience in the field by a documentary performance which is being devised by Fatih Gençkal, Metehan Kayan, Sarp Keskiner and Şafak Ersözlü. 

Chronic Liminality adopts a perspective that learning from each other based on experience is possible only on the common ground and safe spaces. It envisions leaps between creative spaces and processes to share this perspective through a variety of productive practices. 

If you would like to be a participant in this research, you can access the survey questions by clicking the link.