Chronic Liminality Workshop

Workshop: “Financial Resilience 101: How to Fund Civil Society and Non-Profit Projects & Sustain Cultural Labor”

This content is designed as a part of Chronic Liminality program in Izmir. The idea is to give a brief look at financial planning in civil and cultural work, to explore and to introduce contemporary approaches on financial resilience for non-profit and cultural organizations. 

The workshop is going to cover three major topics in financial context; how to reach relevant funds, how to generate campaigns in crowdfunding methodology and how to reach out direct financial support via online tools such as Patreon, substack, etc. 

The prospective outcome is to inform relevant organizations on how to choose and utilize different financial tools for their scope of work and learn good practices regarding the financial sustainability context.  

The event will be run by Onur Atay; who is an urban researcher as well as a cultural innovation worker with 9 years of project managing experience in Turkish civil society, NGOs in global scale and social impact organizations in Eurasia region. 

15th October on Saturday – 16th on Sunday 15.00-18.00, K2 Performance, İzmir


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