Pedestrians on the Stoney Bridge

“Pedestrians on the Stoney Bridgeproject will be held in Manisa, İzmir, Balıkesir, Çanakkale and Bursa between 25 February 15 April 2023, with contemporary dance performances on stone bridges and a documentation exhibition on the process to be held in İzmir.

The project, which will be implemented by Teos Culture and Art Association in cooperation with Acik Studyo, with the support of the British Council Turkey Creative Collaborations2023 grant program, is designed in such a way that it will multiply unceasingly with site-specific content at every step, opening up space for sustainable partnerships wherever it goes. The production of the art book to be produced at the end of the project is financed by the SAHA Association.

While contemplating deterritorialization, dispossession, migration and memory, the project considers stone bridges as urban spaces that metaphorically carry memory, transfer it from one side to the other, symbolize inter-communal transition and conduce to instant encounters. Family photos are considered as media that bridge the gap between yesterday and today, and mediate the sensations that memory awakens in the body. The sound recordings collected in the works on photography and memory, which will be carried out with individuals living in Western Anatolia and having a family history of migration, will be shaped by original compositions. At the same time, interdisciplinary documentation practices, poems and movement designs will be intertwined.


Concept, Design: Safak Ersozlu

Application, Sound Designs, Editorial Works: Sarp Keskiner

Documentation: Jack Nelson

Media and Communication: Bahar Nihal Ersozlu

Graphic Design, Preparation for Printing: Emre Duygu

Musical Compositions: Nick Rothwell

Choreography, Performance: Metehan Kayan – Yazı Ece Koz

Poems: Unal Ersozlu

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