“Pedestrians on the Stoney Bridge” Exhibition and Performance

“Pedestrians on the Stoney Bridge” is about to last in Izmir with execution of the final performance of the program, followed by the launch of the project exhibition!

Designed as a collage bringing together audio visual recordings of the performative studies that are implemented in Salihli, Urla, Bergama, Ayvalık and Karaburun; as well as interviews based on various oral narratives, family photos and Ünal Ersözlü’s poems titled “Last Night of Youth”; the exhibition emphasizes themes namely as memory, journey, dislocation, self- being, hearth and home.

“Pedestrians on the Stone Bridge” project is being implemented by Teos Culture and Art Association in cooperation with Acik Studyo and financed by the British Council. The art book to be published by Acik Studyo is financed by Saha Association.

We invite you to attend to the public performance on 15th of April at 16.00, at Vasıf Çınar Street next to murals of French Culture Center; before the launch of the exhibition, to be held at 18.30 at K2 Performance (Cumhuriyet Buv. No: 262, Alsancak, Konak). The exhibition is open to public until April 29th and can be visited on every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, between 14:00 – 19:00.

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